How To Not Melt Your Hair With Bleach

How To Not Melt Your Hair With Bleach

We all have had that phase where we wanted to be hairdressers, but we have no clue what we’re doing. Even worse when we bleached hair at home!

It’s very natural that out of curiosity we would want to try to bleach our hair at home. For various different reasons. Either you missed your appointment or your hairdresser said that it is impossible to bleach your hair, due to very thin hair or previous chemical services.

If your personal hair stylist says that it is impossible to bleach your hair, go for a second opinion. However if the answer will be the same it is best to go with the given advice. Otherwise something like this video below, can happen to you too.

Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

The first girl in the video had used a very expensive bleach and could not afford a bleach developer. So she just used some leftovers of an old peroxide. Which is a huge risk. This is why, As Brad Mondo explained bleach and peroxide work together. You CAN NOT have one but not the other. We would rather you buy a cheap bleach and have a peroxide rather than one and not the other. Also bleach is mixed with the ratio of [1:2] This means if you mix 50 bleach powder one needs to mix 100 peroxide, that amounts you to have 150 as a mixture in all.

Processing Time For Bleached Hair

Second obvious thing one shall ABSOLUTELY not do is sleep with the bleach in their hair. Bleach will develop differently on different types of hair. Depends on how much the hair needs lightening and how much the hair can afford to lighten without breaking. For example if the hair is stained with greenish color due to to its previous color , one can use bleach to remove the stains. Which will only take a few minutes (approximate to 20 minutes) In other cases bleach can take up to 40 minutes. Bleach never takes hours to process, this will only lead to bad outcomes, very bad outcomes.

On the second video the guy decided to bleach his hair to cover his re-growth which he could have done by normal dye and some peroxide. However if he wanted his roots very white, it is a good thing that he used bleach.
Random Tip : When coloring the hair try to use the cross method. Cross your scalp starting from the middle, vertically, part it and color. Then cross horizontally from one ear to another and color the parting. Simply choose a section and start coloring the roots, section by section .

Another mistake that could have been avoided is when he decided to re-bleach his hair. And let it to process for the same amount of time as the roots. The rest of the hair did not need much time to process, that why it led to hair breakage.


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