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How To Overcome Greasy Scalp And Hair With A Few Simple Steps

Today’s topic is a very popular situation especially these days. Even though greasy scalp is a scalp condition, it is not always the case. We will explain further more why we say “especially these days.” Many think that it is impossible to cure a greasy scalp, but this is not true. There are different ways one can handle and help prevent a greasy scalp. Lets get deeper into this subject then .. 🙂

Why Is Greasy Hair Common These Days?

Well, if you think a bit in the olden days, they did not have much to live with. Which has the pros and cons. Cons are that they did not have any shampoo products to stay clean. However when they started figuring out shampooing they used natural and also none damaging. Whereas today most of the shampoos have so many ingredients which are not only damaging for the hair and scalp but also dangerous for your own life. Many food they used to eat was totally natural, food that they grow themselves. There was not much of frying and none fast food chain.

Why are we saying this? The scalp is a very sensitive part of our body. Whatever you go through is clear enough that the first thing to be effected is the scalp. If you have had a shock or trauma, if you smoke a lot , if you eat dry food or do not drink water. Your scalp will give you messages to what your body is craving. We mentioned food for the fact that if one eats oily food or fry food often your hair will get greasy easily. Now the norm of washing your hair is once to twice a week. Nevertheless if you wash it more often just for the fact that it greases, well there you have a problem.

Scalp symptoms and meanings :

As we said the scalp will leave all sort of messages indicating and giving signals of what the body went through or what the body is craving.

Smoking had a tendency of making the scalp greasy as cigarettes do contain a bit of oil in them and if you smoke a big amount it will cause your scalp to grease. Also The DHT in cigarettes can make your hair follicle shrink which by time it will be difficult for the scalp to produce hair. This is why we often see people who used to have full hair transform to having thin hair. This is caused due to frequent smoking.

Food also has a tendency of causing your scalp to oil. This depends which food of course. None of the healthy food such as raw or boiled vegetables . Not even fruits will cause such thing to happen. But one will have to stay away from deep frying, and junk food if they want to avoid oily scalp. Deep frying will not only cause your scalp to grease but also will fill up your face with zits and pimples. The reason for zits and pimples will be the excessive oil on your skin as well.

Washing your hair frequently may seem healthy to ones perceptive. However it is really not. You may think that by washing your hair daily that you are cleaning your scalp from all the oil. It all works the opposite though. When washing your scalp daily you are washing the good needed oil with the bad excessive oil. The good oil is needed to moisture the hair so that it will look healthy, shiny and soft. With that good oil that is produces the hair gets nourished to avoid dry ends.

So How Does One Cares Of Greasy Scalp?

There are a few things one can do to avoid and treat a greasy scalp.

One tip is to avoid smoking, unhealthy and oily foods and all the reasons that can make your scalp greasy. Second tip would be to use Mint or peppermint.
Peppermint is stronger than mint therefore we personally would use it if there is a dandruff condition caused by greasy scalp. The difference between dry scalp dandruff and greasy scalp dandruff is this -> Greasy scalp dandruff has a transparent, yellow color whilst dry scalp dandruff has a transparent white color.

Both peppermint and mint shall be boiled in water, let cool and spray onto the roots and not on to the ends. Reason being is that the oil gets produced only by the scalp and never the ends. The ends only get greasy through all the combing and touching of the hair.

Things To Avoid Doing On Greasy Scalp :

  • Do not wash it daily – Use Dry shampoo instead
  • Do not use random shampoos that you ought from the supermarket – Consult with your hairstylist and use the right shampoos for your scalp. Preferably mint ones.
  • Do not apply conditioner on your scalp at all. Walk your fingers through the strands of hair on the scalp area without touching the scalp.
  • Do not eat oily food often. Try grilled or boiled. You will definitely see effective results.
  • Try to avoid smoking – Maybe this is the right time to start quitting smoking instead of quitting helping your scalp’s health.

You also may go through a greasy scalp and dry hair. This often happens when the hair is bleached of very porous. What i shappening here is that the scalp naturally produces oil so it naturally moisturizes the hair but the rest of you hair is so “thirsty” For moisture that it absorbs all of it. Where at the root area where the hair is virgin or less porous / less damaged it seems to be very greasy. This is because the root area has all the moisture that it needs because it is not as damaged as the rest of the hair.

In some cases you will also find 100% dry and dull hair. This does not happen because the scalp does not produce oil. Not at all. It happens because the hair is porous from root to ends naturally or in some situation by bleach, There are many people whho bleach their hair from roots to ends. Therefore bleaching there root area monthly, this will cause the hair to dry out and no matter how the much the scalp produces oil it will never be enough.

In this both cases what one must do is apply salon treatments as frequent as they can especially with their color/bleach and also take at home treatment. If it does no damage to your hair let it in even for days if possible. Do not apply the treatment on the scalp if you have greasy roots and dry ends. On the other hand if your hair is completely dull and dry. Try applying treatments on your scalp as well. Always use leave in / heat protection if you are exposed to the sun or using heat equipment on your hair and also serums for moisture.

Act Fast On Smelly Scalp –>

Many of you will tell us that your scalp smells due to grease. There are plenty of ways to take care of such situation. It is all about hygiene really and truly. And some other factors that you may not be familiar with. There are dry shampoos that actually help with not just the excessive oils but also with the smell. There are also hair perfumes that one can try. Moreover on this subject you can have a look on Different Ways To Keep Your Scalp With A Fresh Smell.