Different Ways To Keep Your Scalp With A Fresh Smell

Different Ways To Keep Your Scalp With A Fresh Smell

It isn’t practically normal for a scalp to start smelling, that’s why we have to wash our hair at least one to two times per week. A smelly hair scalp occurs because of sweating. However scalp produces oil daily, and scalp oil will lead to a smelly scalp.

Washing you’re hair.

I am not going to recommend to wash your hair daily. If you do so you scalp will end up being so oily, that you will actually have to wash it everyday. Therefore washing it everyday is not healthy. One will be washing away the good production of oils with the bad, therefore when washing the hair everyday the scalp will start to produce more oils. This will lead to a huge amount of scalp oil. Therefore I am recommending one to twice per week.

Dry shampoo.

However you can use dry shampoo to avoid washing your hair daily. And keep the good natural oils without creating a problem to your scalp by having to wash it everyday. Dry shampoo is like a hair spray made with baby powder and gas. You spray it on to the roots and rub it like as if you’re doing a shampoo. This will last at about day or two but it’s handy to have a bottle of dry shampoo at home. I highly recommend it , they smell good and you won’t do any damage by spraying more than once.

Hair perfume.

Lastly, one can also buy hair perfume. This will not remove away or hide away the oils. But for those people who don’t have oily scalp but still suffers from smelly hair scalp, hair perfume is the thing for you. Being honest here dry shampoo will dry out you’re hair more since it’s created to Obsurb oils. This is a handy thing to have. There will be no damage in using it more than once. Spray it a one inch away from roots and you will have a scalp smelling as fresh as a daisy.