Why Thinning Hair Will Make You Question Everything

Why Thinning Hair Will Make You Question Everything

Are you experiencing thinning hair? You might want to take action now. If you have thick hair but suddenly it is going thin and light weight take action immediately.

Bleached hair.

If you bleached your hair and by time it went thin, this is normal. This happens before of the chemicals, pillow frictions, possible heating etc. Therefore in this case you need to cut your hair and treat it often with a repair mask.


If you are pregnant and loosing hair, is absolutely normal. Your body is going through so many hormonal changes right now. I am not promising your hair will go back to the way it was but it can. But I can assure you that it will stop falling for sure. However it may take a bit longer even after birth.

Weather change.

If you Hair is falling out during weather changes, it’s completely normal. You hair is falling yet still growing new ones. The world has changed a lot due to pollution and climate change therefore this will effect our scalp and how oily it gets and it will effect the falling amount aswell. This is very unfortunate but it’s how it is.

Thinning hair.

If the reasons above don’t apply to you but you hair is going thinner , change your shampoos. But more importantly use some sorth of drop treatments. These are meant to be used on the scalp. I suggest to do it as soon as possible before you start seeing patches of the scalp. Because once you start seeing patches that means that the scalp is dead and it can’t be revived. Therefore you will never be able to see hair for that area again. use the right shampoos, therefore volume shampoo, or some other lightweight kind of shampoo and conditioner. This will help the hair not to flatten. However the scalp treatments will help the scalp to produce hair. You will be able to find these products form a hair salon or a local pharmacy

If you were born with thin hair you can use these kind of shampoos as well. Although there is no need for the treatments unless you’re feeling that the hair went extremely thinner than it already is.


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