Styling A Brilliant Messy Up Do

Styling A Brilliant Messy Up Do

twisted sides and a bun.

One of my workmates did this wonderful messy up do. It has a Greek style and the reason being for this look .is because it is done on curly hair and it is messy. However Greek hairstyles are known to be curled and messy in ancient times. This up style is very easy to do. How To Style A Messy Updo:

  • Twist the sides and pin
  • Form and oval bun with all the hair
  • Hide all the pins.

However In this case the bun was very easy to form since the hair was thick and full, but in case you won’t have enough hair to form an oval bun, one can always use a hair fillers such as hair donuts or sausage like so>> 

To Style A Messy Updo is commonly done to be worn to special occasions like weddings and fashion shows. It’s a very casual but yet smart hairstyle, that it fits with almost anything.