How To Style An Up Style With Knots!

How To Style An Up Style With Knots!


Have you tried this yet?Reading the title one must think that this style will look awkward and weird, but give it a chance. The Vision you have in your head will turn into the most elegant up-style you can image. So I will start by telling you all about How To Style An Up Style With Knots!

Summer brings along with it a lot of weddings, so it makes it the perfect time to play and have fun with some up-styles. This one for example, this knotted up style  is very easy to make. Yet it gives such a splendid look.

However, All you need for this one is a loop tool , bobby pins and some hairspray. Grab a 2 cm wide piece of hair put it through the loop tool, adjust the loop tool’s handle under the hair on the back of the scalp and repeat  till desired. For the back part you can be as creative. Nevertheless you can make a twisted buns/ braids or maybe flowery patterns. otherwise you can always play it simple and just do a plain bun or a pony tail.Adjust some lovely accessories to it and you are ready to go.This up-style is worn to special occasions like fashion shown,weddings and so on.

And that’s how to style an up-style with knots. You can be amazed once you start, on how creative one can be 😉💖


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