How To Style A Greek Inspired Look

How To Style A Greek Inspired Look

How To Style A Greek Inspired Look

Here is How To Style Greek. A comfortable up style that one will love! It is messy and comfortable for a beach wedding or any other occasion you would like to try this to. This style is coming from the Greeks. It is very easy to do;

  • Part the hair from behind the left ear to behind the right ear and clip separate.
  • Part the hair horizontally from the middle and clip the bottom part.
  • Start by taking a good amount of hair, rolling each section with two fingers keeping the ends hidden inside the pin roll. Always start from the middle so that the pin rolls will come equally in the same direction.
  • Unclip to bottom part and do the same thing only this time pin the rolls in between the other’s gap.
  • Lastly take the front sections (the first partings we took) to braid them neatly.

Hide the tip of the braid behind the rolls and finish with some hairspray when you’re satisfied with the look.

Enjoy doing and wearing this updo💙!

How To Style Greek Video here >


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