A Formal Side - Fashion Up style

A Formal Side – Fashion Up style

Side flower

Side Flower Upstyle

This is a very formal up do. However it is  best worn under a hat or a fascinator. It is very easy to do. All you need is an elastic and some bobby pins.

How To Style With A Side Flower:

Start by doing a ponytail on the side.

Take small sections and pin them accordingly, forming a flower like the picture below. Repeat this steps until you have no hair pieces left.

This style will not suite everyone ofcourse one has to see the different face shapes. Not every face shape can handle any style. So be careful. Also the type of dress or outfit you’d be wearing. Any hats? Make sure if you will be wearing a hat it will be a side hat so that the flower would clearly show and preferably it would be a small one not a big one that covers most of your hair. If you’re having an outfit with a special design that can’t be covered with long hair this will be perfect. As long as it’s not pattered cause since your hair will have worth of a pattern aswell it will look odd. However as long as it will be a nice design and plain this will be nice to wear.

And just by that you can style this beautiful and comfortable side flower style. 🌺