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How To Tie Your Hair In A Bow The Perfect Way

  1. How To Tie Your Hair In A Bow The Perfect Way

Tie your hair in a bow hairstyle.

This very cute up style can be used for various occasions like; a beach wedding (for the bride), flower girls , photo shoots and many more..

However , This style doesn’t take a lot of time to create. All you need are some bobby pins and a rubber band.

How To Do It. :

    1. section the hair in half.
    1. take the upper part and pull it in a semi-bun.
    1. with the ‘tail’ of the semi-bun, divide the hair in half and pin  underneath the elastic .
    1. arrange and open the divided areas and pin as the bow starts taking shape.
  1. Moving on to the underneath area, get a curling iron, and curl the hair section by section.

    Therefore, Don’t forget to always use heat protection to prevent damaging.
    Nevertheless,For more information on How To Tie Your Hair In A Bow. here is a video on how it is done.