I Bleached My Hair – Joana Ceddia

I Bleached My Hair – Joana Ceddia

Here is an interesting blog for today .. We have found out about THE Joana Ceddia, and she gave us A lot to talk about.

So basically this teenage girl decided that she have had enough of what she calls it – Boring virgin hair – and she wanted to dye it and have a good change. Yep she went from virgin to totally bleach – OMG !

Normally people who have virgin hair start small ; few lights a shade darker … But No Joana here wanted to go all out! Good for you girl, good for you.

Original Video –

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCjrzVXc6JUhttp://I BLEACHED MY HAIR – JOANA CEDDIA

First thing we would like to say is, and sorry to burst your bubble here but Joana did not needed to use any bleach for her hair because she has virgin hair already. Therefore a highlighter would have done more than enough with a lot less damage.

What Was Done

She started of by bleaching her hair without even sectioning her hair, and we cant stress this enough , but always section your hair. Sectioning your hair will always help you to not miss any spots or sections. In this case since it is bleach and it process very fast she should have started from the ends at the back working herself way up, then bleach her hairline and all of the roots, for last. The way she did it was notthe right way to do it because our scalp produces heat and hair dyes and bleach proccess with heat. Nevertheless the roots were given much more time then the ends since they were the first to be colors and they do not need that much of time cause the roots are so close to the scalp (where the heat is coming from and the ends are further)

She then got her mum to continue the work for her cause she couldn’t see the back. Not that that helped much cause her mum missed bleaching her ends for some unexplained reason. She then re bleached her end and nope she was not safe doing that either. When something like that happens to your hair DO NOT re-bleach the hair by coloring everything immediately. What im trying to say it – SECTION your hair so you can avoid spotting on your hair. Which if you continue the video you will be spotting on her hair.

Using Toner

She continued with toning her hair cause after bleach toning is always needed – Good job!
However what she got might have been a hair dye. Which is not needed because your hair is already the lightest it can be. Hair dye is not necessary in this case. Besides hair dye has probably the usage of 20vol/30 vol when in reality all you need is 10 vol or less for toning.

However what she used on her hair , We are pretty sure it was conditioner. How do we know for sure? Toners are meant to be mixed with peroxide, yes still. Which in this case she didn’t mix it in with anything. She just squeezed some on her hair and spread it all over her hair. In fact she also said that she was not sure if it did any difference and we can answer that for you. Yes it did to a minimum, it just closed the cuticle and added moisture for you. But that is about it.

Rather than that we are extremely happy. She did not regret this and found it to be fun, that is how experimenting shall always feel like.


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