Styling A Lovely Formal – Bow Up style

Styling A Lovely Formal – Bow Up style

Ideas On Styling With Hair Bows

This up do is done by just three ponytails. Therefore It is very simple yet effective. lets get to how you can make these three bows up-style All you need are 3 elastics and some bobby pins. What you need to do is section the hair into three ponytails. Nevertheless  divide each pony tail in half and curl each divided sections to it’s side and pin. You will turn out to have the cutest hair! Therefore to make this style last make sure to use some starting products. And lastly use some  finishing sprays to hold firm. One can have various ideas on styling with bows in different ways. You can have them underneath , half bow up and half hair down, a side bow, it’s all up to you. Therefore you can style the way you want your creations to be seen.


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