There are more than 1,200 Corona virus (Covid-19) cases in the United States Of America. Some experts think that the number could be much higher.
Your hairdresser is probably worrying to have contact with their clients, however they still show up for that big wedding. You that always have your weekly appointment, you can still visit the salon for your appointment. However if you feel that is useless doing your hair to stay at home you can always gather a small party, just you and the dog, you and your small family. That’s a perfect way for quality time.

We know that all governments are suggesting to stay in. However this isn’t necessary for everyone. Some people who suffer from depression can’t handle staying in. It is okay to go for a walk around the block. Don’t over do it, do not risk yourselves. Have precautions and you will be fine. To that lady who is feeling down, alone and miserable indoors. Go get a glow up at your local hairdresser, it will be your treat, a small outing, where you still will be indoors really and truly. To the clients who are still going to the salon , try to find a middle way. Have your hair done in a quick way possible, so that nor you or the hairdresser will have to amount so much time in contact of each other.

Quick Hairstyles One Can Do :

  • Blow dry And A High Ponytail
  • Straight Blow Dry
  • Curly Blow Dry (With the use of brushed only)
  • Wet Look Blow Dry
  • Full Color – You can ask the client to wash her hair at home if shes a regular client. After the processing time. However if she is new to your salon it is best to stay with her.
  • Quick Trim

Try to do a one service and go kind of thing. So That less time is spent with the near people.

Here Is What You Can Do To Protect From Covid-19 :

  • Wash Your Hands Frequently. – Make sure to when washing your hands at a hair salon, one must open the tap with a tissue paper. Preferably wash your hands twice.
  • Use Sensitizes.
  • Have Wipes On You .
  • Always Stay Cautious Of What Is Going Around You.

The media is telling you to get your kids shot, but with what ? As far as we know the flu shot won’t do anything because this is a new virus that the flu shot doesn’t cover… at least yet. So be careful what you are giving to your kids. If you are going to take them with you to a salon, think twice. Kids immune system is weak.

To that hairdresser that is waiting for her income, You can still go to work. Don’t invite your clients to your personal home. It is safer to invite them to your place of work. Make sure to sensitize every little thing. Like brushes scissors. Try to wash the floor frequently. Wipe with alcohol wipes the tables, chairs and also wash your hands very often. Hairdressers have contact with people very often. It is important to stay caution all the time while still earning your income. If you feel safer wearing a mask do so. We know that people who actually have the virus are more in order to wear it, however it is okay to wear it for prevention.

To all the people who actually are sick with the virus. It is highly recommended that you will stay home. it is both safe on you and your hairdresser to do so. If a sick person goes out it can put him in danger of getting worse. If a none sick person gets in contact with you can get contagious. Try to clean and disinfect everything you own and touch.

Dear hairdressers, you do not have to open your salons if you do not feel safe. However we have found solutions for you if you would like to still earn your income. These are not the safest days but however we still need to get through them. One can Still make home – visits maybe to those honest clients that you can really trust. Or take the risk and make sure to obey all pre cautions. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Nevertheless If that is staying at home wrapped up n your safest blanket , thank be it.

Dear clients, you do not have to go out to do your hair if you do not feel like it, however to those who would feel better if they do, we have found you different methods to help you as possible. These are not the safest days to be in contact with people, however we still need to get through the toughest times. Another Suggestion will be, try to reach out to your hairdresser to see if they are making home visits. Who knows maybe you will be lucky.

To the rest of the world – Stay Safe from the covid-19 !