What is keratin treatment? I’m sure most of you are expecting me to say that a keratin straightens the hair. But that’s not going to be the subject at all.

What is the concept of keratin treatment?

As we all know our hair have this protein called keratin. If one is not getting enough protein from food it will be difficult for our cells to replace damaged cells. This is because one does not have enough keratin protein for the process to be processed .

What does the keratin treatment do to your hair?

A keratin treatment is a chemical treatment but with keratin protein that comes from trees. Keratin treatment does not straighten the hair but it does take down the frizz. How? Let me explain. As we all know when you have droplets in you hair cuticle this will make your hair to frizz. This is also common with humid weather. Nonetheless, when applying a keratin treatment you are helping the hair to look healthier. Not because it is not already but because when having frizzy hair it’s hard to see how healthy it is due to its fullness. When having frizzy hair it can give the illusion of dull hair.So the concept is this, keratin treatment will go through the hair follicle and works it’s way into the porous areas. This will make the hair shinier and look healthier, because after all it already is.

How is the keratin carried out?

It is important to give your hair two washed with a deep cleansing shampoo. Why must is be deep cleansing? So a deep cleansing will get rid of all the oils. We don’t need the oils since the keratin treatment has its own. So deep cleansing helps up to get a super clean scalp. You can not use any other shampoos because they may contain extra oils and since shampoos open the cuticle you may be injecting oils while opening the cuticle. With a deep cleansing shampoo you are getting rid of the oils while opening the cuticle.

You may not use conditioner at any time. Conditioner closes the cuticle, therefore when it’s time to apply the keratin there will be no results at all.

Dry the hair a hundred percent with medium heat. Section the hair in half. Starting from the bottom apply keratin treatment working your way to the top. Leave on for the recommended amount of time and dry again with medium heat. When dried a hundred percent section in half again and start a normal blow-dry (straight blow dry). When you are ready, section in half again, get a straightening iron and straighten the hair starting from bottom to top. The straightening iron help sealing the cuticle for the keratin to hold.

When am I able to wash my hair?

This depends on what keratin you are using? The answer could be one day up to three days. So always read the instructions. Same brand keratin can be mixed together. How? If I have a keratin for smoothing only and another for smoothing and moisture, I can be mix together. Other than that keratin shall not be mixed with any other chemical products. If you are wondering if you can do this at home, the answer is yes you can but don’t expect brilliant results. It’s always done professionally at a hair salon. Doing it yourself at home can lead to having marks of the straightening iron on your hair.

Lastly not all keratins require the same rules. Some will apply that one can’t pull up his hair or even put it behind his ears and some will not. Generally when having the most comfortable keratin meaning the keratin that you can wash right away etc, is the keratin that will last shortly than the other. A nice keratin is suppose to last up to six months.

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