Layered Hair – Six Ways To Cut And Style – Haircuts 2019

Layered Hair – Six Ways To Cut And Style – Haircuts 2019

A face with high cheek bones, what is there better in life than that ?
For a square face the highly recommendation will be curls and more curls. The Haircut will have a huge impact on the look and layered haircut will be the perfect style for squared face. But don’t worry there are various of curls and styles
in the world for your own satisfaction.

Country-Style, Sided Braid.
layered hair
Country style sided braid.

Make sure to have the crown area layered for this style. so you can leave a few hairs on the front of your face.

How to do this hair style :

  • Bring your hair to one side.
  • Start braiding in three ( a regular braid)
  • Tie your hair with an hair tie.
  • With a small comb take out a few hairs from front for that loose messy look.
Thick Curly – Waves
layered hair
Thick curly waves.

This for this hair style you must have a layered hair cut, so that the curls will rest on each another.
How to do this hairstyle :

  • Apply some leave-in conditioner.
  • Blow dry the hair with a hair dryer and a styling brush in a curly way.
  • Twist the hair with the styling brush rolling your way up and down.
  • Give as much heat as needed.
  • Twist the hair from below
  • Make sure you get rig of all the frizz.
  • Don’t hold the dryer too close to the hair.
  • Depending on your hair add some shine or serum. ( Optional)
Black – River Waves
layered hair
Black river waves.
  • This will work best if you have natural curls.
  • Apply a generous amount of mousse or curl creme.(depends on you hair texture)
  • Curl your hair , and scrunch it to make the curl bouncy.
  • Spray a bit of light hold hair spray for the hair to hold.
Long Bob With Layered Bangs
layered hair
  • This Style with look nice if you keep it wavy with a bit of salt spray with blow-dried bangs, that simple.
  • OR
  • You can part it in the middle curl the bangs, and blow dry the rest of the hair.
  • Its beautiful either way and you can still be stylish with a long bob.
Side- Swept Layered Hair
layered hair
Side swept layered bangs.
  • Layered hair
  • Side swept bangs
  • Blow-dry with movement (Just like in the picture below)
  • Or just blow-dry straight
  • Both looks will be fascinating
Red Hair – Movement – And Straight Bangs
layered hair
Red curly hair and straight bangs.
  • Spray a bit of salt spray
  • Style it with your hands
  • Blow-dry the fringe
  • If you have thick hair blow-dry the hair first until smooth then spray with salt-spray and do the same as written below. Always use leave-in conditioner before using heat.

All Beautiful haircuts with layered hair and styles and haircut will suite a square face, Try different ones and experiment to find your favorite look.


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