Living In Trend With Dark Re-Growth

Living In Trend With Dark Re-Growth

Don’t you hate that monthly appointment at the hairdresser to cover your light/ dark re-growth?
Well listen up, You may cancel all the re-growths appointments you made because there is other solutions for you!

If you don’t have white hair re-growth there is no need to cover the roots. It is more stylish now a days to let the hair show that one inch of re-growth. So when it’s time to visit your hairdresser for your next hair appointment make sure to tell her to leave one inch of the roots uncolored. However also make sure that the color is blended well so you will not end up with a straight line from an that inch downwards.

Nevertheless, let us take a quick look on some dark re-growth hair dyes that slayed the internet.

Dirty Pink

Living In Trend With Dark Re-Growth

What a beautiful contrast! This type of tone if punk takes a lot of bleaching especially on very dark hair. However as for the roots one can leave their natural dark brown hair or dye them black. We personally think that both will suit the look very much.

Red – Copper

This tone of color will not be that hair to accomplish especially on dark natural hair or light natural hair. However if there is color/ dye build up you may need to be consulted first. Nevertheless for the roots ine can simply leave their own natural dark brown hair or dye em dark brown or medium dark brown. Black hair dye may become a bit to dark in this kind of tone.

Sunflower Look

Normally when a blonde color turns into such tones (as shown above) we often suggest to tone the hair to even out the pigments. However in this case we love the contrast of an outworn blonde and dark roots. It looks completely messy in a stylish way. Therefore if one had to dye his hair with this tone of blonde, that would be a completely different story and outcome. We don’t recommend you to try it.

Stand Bright

Another blonde look. However this color will also suit SOME if they had to dye it all. Unfortunately it wouldn’t look good on anyone. For this look a lot if bleach is required since that blonde is a neon yellow color. The dark roots are leaving an outsanding contrast.

Bright Pink

The girl in the pictured bleached hair hair and colored her roots black. Which is nice and stylish. However one has to keep in mind that hair grows and if this step will be repeated you will soon have black hair instead of pink. So go for your own natural or two shades slightly darker so it would be easier for you to re-bleach the roots that now are no longer roots.

Natural Blonde Look

Living In Trend With Dark Re-Growth

I usually love dark roots on blonde hair (not black) but this style right here is on the natural side and the light roots are quite cute. The dark roots are done with a toner therefore the model had dyed her whole hair first blonde then blended the tone of the roots with the hair as if they are light natural roots.

That is it for today. Quite inspiring looks however one needs to think twice before commenting to such styles.


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