Living Proof Dry Shampoo Can Save Your Life

Living Proof Dry Shampoo Can Save Your Life

Hello, hello , hello 🙂 ! As you can guess from the title, today will be discussing best dry shampoo. Yeah we know , you might think it is some powder in a bottle, but it is surprising how many questions people have on this source. Let us start by explaining the concept of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is sort of a mix of baby powder and gas. Lots of people suffer from oily scalp and can not possibly wash their hair daily. Reason number one may be, time. Reason number two is : it is not that healthy to wash your hair daily. As you will end up washing the good oils with the bad, apart from this all washing your hair daily ends up making your scalp more oily. This is because the gland will keep on reproducing oils when it feels that there is none.

Is their a natural dry shampoo instead of the normal dry shampoo?

Yes, indeed. If for organic reasons or budget reasons you’d wish to use something that has the same purpose one can use baby powder. Make sure to rub it well on the scalp so that way you get rid of the white color. One can also try flour, let it set and rub it in until you no longer see a white color. When applying such sources, always aim for the scalp because that is where the oil comes from., not from the hair itself. This tip also goes for when applying the bottled dry shampoo. Some may try using baking soda as a dry shampoo, however baking soda does not has the same texture as flour and baby powder. Therefore the outcome will not be the same. Baking soda is more likely to be used as a no-poo shampoo rather than a dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo or the other sources are meant to always be used on dirty, dry scalp. Their purpose is to hide what people do not want to see. Using such sources does not mean that one can stop washing their hair. If you try applying dry shampoo for a week you will end up with an itchy scalp. Just because it is called “dry shampoo” does not mean that it has the same purposes as a normal shampoo. A normal shampoo will cleanse whilst a dry shampoo will absorbs oils without cleansing. Such Products has a tendency to make your hair increase in volume while making your hair smell nice.

DIY Dry Shampoo

It is very easy to make this product all you need is literally one ingredient only. As said before a dry shampoo can be done with baby powder or flour. These both can be messy but we will walk you through on both.


  1. Add some flour in a small bowl
  2. With a large make up brush, tap it in the flour and apply it to your roots
  3. Let set for 2 minutes
  4. Massage your scalp with the tip of your fingers until the white color is gone
  5. Brush the hair for any excessive flour.

Baby Powder

  1. Add some baby powder in a small bowl
  2. With a large make up brush tap in in some baby powder an apply on the roots
  3. Massage it through until the white disappears
  4. Brush the hair for any excessive powder.

Best Dry Shampoos :

Approximately , they all have the same purpose, However it is possible that some are better then other. In fact we will share with you a few dry shampoos we have tried and tested in our salons and explain the pros and cons.

Alfparf Milano

  • Pros – If you are one of those people who can last one day with this product, then this is the right product for you. As the oil gets absorbed for a day, the next day you have to apply it again or wash your hair instead.
  • It is a very lightweight shampoo, so if you have very voluminous hair, this will not reduce any volume for you.
  • Smells nice
  • Leaves your texture as it is.
  • Perfect for situations when you’re on the go and need a quick refresh between washes.

– Quickly Cleans Hair 

The promoter says that it quickly cleanse hair. That is impossible.
  • Cons – It does not cleanse the hair, it will only absorb the oils. Please do not be fooled, no dry shampoo can cleanse.
  • It is not very friendly with people who has extremely oily hair.

Joico Weekend Hair

  • Pros- It will leave you with weekend perfect hair
  • Will not leave white traces as the source comes out transparent.
  • Leaves your hair shiny
  • Color friendly as it  doubles the longevity of hair color to keep the fade away. 
  • Does not give any volume
  • Cons – Does not give any volume
  • Will not last the same amount on everyone
  • The fact that it is transparent does make a difference.
  • Not the best scent of smell.

Milk_Shake Lifestyling Dry Shampoo

  • Pros- Leaves the hair shiny
  • Revives the hair
  • Gives Volume
  • Smells nice
  • Lasts at least two days
  • Cons- May interfere with your texture
  • Gives Volume
  • Leaves a lot of white traces (So be careful when using , massaging and brushing)

Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo

  • Pros- Helps with impurities
  • Lasts a day
  • Has a lemony scent
  • Does not leave white traces
  • It is transparent
  • Can be used for the beach. – If you haven’t washed your oily hair and wet your hair at the beach and it becomes sticky, you can use this dry shampoo as a current life saver.
  • Cons – It is very wet source
  • Not required if you have a blow dry done
  • Smells like bug spray to some
  • Hardens Up

Amika Dry Shampoo

  • Pros – Absorbs a small amount of build up
  • Gives Volume to the hair
  • Easy to brush out
  • Leave the hair soft
  • Cons – May stiff by the day after
  • Gives Volume
  • Hardens up if you apply more then the right amount

Batiste Dry Shampoo

  • Pros- Leave hair soft
  • Lasts a day
  • Does not interfere with hair texture
  • Hair stays in place
  • Cons – Hardens up
  • May itch by time
  • Does not last long enough

Best Dry shampoo For Dark Hair

There is no such as a dry shampoo brand for dark hair, they both work the same on all hair types. That means ginger , blondes and brunettes will have the same outcome. The only thing that may interfere is the texture of the hair.

Nevertheless there is a home-made remedy best for brunettes. Preferably for those brunettes who dye their hair black. If you have dye your hair jet black or blue black you can add some flour or baby order and some dry charcoal. Mix well, add a drop of water (literally a drop) and mix with a stick or tooth pick. /with a brush apply this recipe on the roots of your hair. Just like that you just took care of your oily scalp and your re-growth. Without saying this is a temporary method. Many may still be asking “but, is dry shampoo bad for your hair?” No it is not, it is perfectly safe and fine to use. Nevertheless, still make sure to be still washing your hair when using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo does not mean that one can stop washing their hair with regular shampoo.