The Best Stylish Long Bob And More Haircuts For Round Faces

The Best Stylish Long Bob And More Haircuts For Round Faces

Not everything suits us naturally, before we style a look we need to care about our features and face. So today we are going to have a look on what suits round faces. When having round face all of the face features will be on the same symmetrical line and same width. For a face like this, a long bob and haircuts similar to a haircut that can be styled inwards is the perfect match

The most common and trendy at the moment the long bob. This haircut must be blow-dried inward kind of movement. So this will emphasis the look of the round face.
Long bob
Long bob – Selene Gomez
Straight and layered long hair – Go simple it will never disappoint.Especially with round faces.

long layered hair - similar to long bob
straight layered hair.
A side bang will look fetching on round faces.

side bangs - goes also with long bob
Side – swept bang haircut.

Another common haircut is the shaggy bobb-haircut

shaggy long bob
Shaggy bob

Be careful on how to cut your hair. Not everything will suits us the same due to different features as we all are born different humans.


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