Many of you have clicked on here because you want to use onion juice for hair growth , are interested in or because you are desperate for growing your hair in general. We have seen many, many people recommending onion juice for hair growth, and we really wish that people will stop doing that. As onion juice is not for hair growth. This is not a click bait. We will explain how people mistake onion juice for hair growth instead of what it is really used for. Onion juice will surely help with your hair but it is not meant to grow your hair instantly. Fist think you shall know is that an onion is an antibiotic, so now you shall know that if using onion juice it’s probably for a medical cause. So let us get further with the information.

How Are Onions Beneficial?

Onions are very rich in sulfur which is found within amino acid. Amino acid are components of protein and keratin. And keratin of course, is what the hair is made of. When one adds onion juice to their scalp the subject will provide extra sulfur. In which helps hair to grow strong and thick. This helps with hair loss and other medical issues. Another thing onion juice promotes is the production of collagen, which helps with the production of a healthy hair growth. When the hair follicle is weakened , onion juice will help with the blood circulation which will give a boost to the hair follicle and help in hair growth when it is needed.

Now this last point is why people have been mixing onion juice for hair growth. The subject works similar to peppermint and mint. We have mentioned in previous posts that peppermint and mint will help with scalp conditions. But if you use a treatment daily, the scalp will get used to it and it will no longer be effective.

Therefore do not take advantage of this onion juice – besides onion juice is considered as a natural antibiotic and it is not very healthy and wise like to use it often. Especially when using raw. However if you wish to use a natural way to grow your hair there are a few food which really helps with your hair growth pattern and one can also try the famous rice water. Which will not only help with hair growth but have other super beneficial treats too. And it is totally safe to use as many times as you want.

How Is Onion Juice Prepared ?

Onion juice is very easy to prepare. First option is to peel of the onion and chop it. Extract the juice using your hands by squeezing it or using a juicer, pour to a bottle and spray on the roots. Second option will be, peel off the onions and put it inside a blender until juiced. Pour it inside a bottle and spray on to the roots. You can also try using a hair dye mixing bowl and hair dye brush instead of a spray bottle.

In 2002 studies have found that people suffering with hair loss that washed their hair with onion juice experienced more hair growth than those who washed their hair with regular water. Science also proved that Men had better and greater benefits than women, but this can be because men suffer from hair loss more than women do.

A List Of Why Onion Juice Shall Be Used

While using onion juice for such conditions, one may notice luster and shine in their hair. But again this does not mean that one shall use onion juice often. We mentioned premature graying. Do not use onion juice if you have none gray hair just to prevent it. Grey hair is normal to start showing at around the age of mid 30’s. So Only use onion juice if you are under 35 with grey hair.
Onion juice will not help you if you are suffering from complete baldness or hair loss cause such as alopecia. Therefore it shall not be taken as a Cure.

Is Onion Juice Safe?

It is absolutely harmless to use. But since it is highly used to treat conditions, one shall avoid using it for routines or to try and grow their hair. If not, you will not find if effective if you are ever in need it seriously. Now, obviously if you are allergic to onions avoid this method period. Do not use it near people who may be allergic to onions either. Onions may cause a harsh reaction to the skin. Side effects may include :

  • Itchiness
  • redness
  • Tingling

It is normal to feel tingling on the scalp or skin, as onion liquid is quite strong. Nevertheless to sooth the itchiness or redness, one can use fresh aloe vera or any aloe vera you may have at home. However to prevent itchiness and redness one must mix a bit of:

  • Fresh aloe Vera with onion juice
  • Vaseline with onion juice
  • Coconut oil with onion juice

Bottom Line Is…

Onion Juice is safe, an affordable DIY that anyone and everyone can do and try. Many people suffering from hair loss reported the growth of thick hair, and many people suffering from beginning of hair loss have reported hair growth. However, Onion juice will not be able to help with pattern baldness and alopecia. It will only be able to grow back hair on beginning of balding scalp because at that stage the scalp is still alive. You will be able to tell if you see small hairs around the balding part. Nevertheless if there are no small hairs to be seen around the balding area, that means that the scalp is dead, and you can not revive the dead.

Therefore if you have such conditions that onion juice can’t help you with , we suggest that hair transplant will be your true of help. Also, if you have never tried this juice before and are in doubt our advice is to do a skin test first. Spray some onion juice on your wrist and wrap around a bandage. If a reactions occurs such as redness in within 10-15 minutes avoid using onion juice. This can happen especially if you are taking certain medication. If you are on medication and wish to try onion juice, consult with your doctors first.