How possible is it to go from black to orange hair? Is it highly risky and damaging?
Well of course one needs bleach to do so. However it is not that damaging. We are not saying that it is 0% damaging, however it is less damaging then going light blonde. How so ? one may ask. Black has red pigments which wil turn into orange when bleaching. Therefore you do not need to lighten that much when going copper.

If when going copper you will bleach to a white blonde stage the copper toner you will dye with next will start to fade very quickly with the washes. Like this , when bleaching to an orange stage, you will just be toning and giving the copper a nicer adjustable color. It also will last longer for you.
Nevertheless let’t get to see some people dying their hair from black to orange.

Heather Darroch’s Orange Hair Experience

Her hair has been through some colors stages. Her current color is Brunette and as she mentioned its a bit lighter on the ends as she was trying to strip it to go lighter. After she bleached her hair the ends were most likely brown -- copper and her roots really blonde. Which is normal for the roots to be lighter as they have seen less colors than the rest of the hair.

She had toned it with a copper color as desired. We already saw this coming. Her hair was going to get patchy. Due to different porosity she has had in her hair. Possibly due to the technique of dying as well. However We really loved it. Luckily enough she got a sun kissed look due to that patching. Most of the patches were covered due to the toner however you can still see some, but they look fine. They do not look uncared for or messy.

Ruth The Truth’s Orange Hair Experience

Ruth is bleaching on natural dark brown hair which makes her life and ours much easier. She will still have red pigments in her hair … It is only natural. Her hair is extremely curly and porous. It is most likely to dry more when putting the bleach in. Take Note: On such hair one shall take smaller section, as the hair will absorb a lot and it may the outcome can be patchy.

She is using two different types of orange she used the lighter one for the roots and the darker one for the ends. Preferably one shall use the darker on at the roots and the lighter on the ends. The contrast will look much better like that. Her technique was done nicely and thought through. However the roots were too light and the there was too much of a contrast going on. She says it looks different in person, but it wont be that different really and truly cause the contrast still shows. Rather then that this copper color really suited her. We recommend either she goes all one color and use the color that was used for the ends on the rest of the hair or go darker on the roots.

Ilubia Ocampo’s Orange Hair Experience

Yes we were all shocked when she pulled that hair out of her head and left us with 5 inches of hair. It looks so natural and real! So what Ilubia did was a bleach wash, which honestly we prefer doing most when using bleach. As it is diluted with shampoo. She left it on for 30 minutes which is enough to turn on an orange stage. The ends however were gonna start to turn blonde. She then used a copper toner to even it out And has also done the rest of the extensions. We personally think that long hair suit this look more. So If she had to wear it on short hair we wouldn’t have been supportive of it. Nevertheless with that length, she looks like an enchanting mermaid.

Keep in mind that when going lighter for certain colors such as copper and red there is no need to go as light as a white blonde as you will be creating unneeded damage to your hair. It will most likely to get stressed break and chopped of.