Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Dreadlocks are an unusual thing to see both on men and women, but they are actually a thing. They are often done on both genders and there are not different rules on how each gender wear them. You can say that they are unisex. However people can be very creative with them.

How are they done?

There are different ways one can do dreadlocks, men and women.

  • Some people do them with natural stuff like, eggs, mud etc. Stuff that they find to be natural and sticky that can actually hold their dreads.
  • Gels, mouses, wax , hairsprays etc. Hair products that are sticky and can have a good hold for dreadlocks.
  • And obviously there are also extensions. Now a days we get extensions for anything, right?

To start doing dreadlocks you don’t really need that perfect sectioning at all. You start from the bottom (nape area.) and twist your way up until there are no longer hair to twist.
So lets get into few styles that are done with massive creations.

Black Dreads

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Black dreads with few brown ones. Normally we see dreads on brown hair, but here we have black hair with few attachments also. Some might think that its impossible to dye your hair when in dreads. Well actually it is not that impossible. It will be a little bit harder to rinse it all out. But it will not do any damage to the hair . One is meant to dye the roots with out sectioning normally. Just find the sections ( they are given naturally, naturally seen. since dreads kinda sections the hair by it self.) and when it comes to dying the ends get a full amount of color and pour all over. The more color to better to avoid having patches. It will be probably more expensive to dye hair when in dread.

Colorful Dreads

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

These are very unique dreads. This hair is bleached in a ombre kind of way but on dreadlocks. The unique thing about this style is that it is so colorful and no dye is used necessarily. It is only made by colorful threads and a few attachments of beads.

Classic Guy Dreads

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

This is suck a classical picture. A guy enjoying his guitar in nature. Natural long hair and dread locks included. Blonde hair, no attachment. The simplest way one can have dreads with dye.


Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Most of the styles are limited when having such hairstyle. However styles such , pigtails, buns, ponytails even braids I must say are possible. Just made differently. Look at these pigtails above, They are very cutely made by twisting. Dreads are made by twisting and most of the styles you want to create on dreads will have to be twisted as well.


Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Braiding is also possible as said before. To braid is a technique done by twisting which goes very well with the locks. However if one will want to style with a pony tail it will look as good. But nothing formal actually can be done to the hair. Just simple and natural styles.

Extension Locks

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

These locks are done by extensions. Colorful extensions in fact, I love the color and the idea for those who would not like permanent locks. This style is also styled with a few threads to make the hairstyle stand out more. As one can see from the roots the natural color is that of blonde.

Natural Beauty

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Bleached hair, let down hair, very classic, very simple, very much stylish and cute. I don’t think this picture needs much of describing.

Fun With Threads

Outstanding Creations Of Dreadlocks Men And Women

Another style done with thread but spaced threads on light hair, which looks incredible.
What I like to add is this. Be sure if you want dread locks or not. If you aren’t sure get extensions. Because thesekind of hairstyles will damage the hair.

One need to keep in mind that these will turn into knots, so when ever you want to get rid of them by brushing them out many of the hair will break. One will need to give a good cut to the hair when removing dreads. It is still possible to wash the scalp by shampoo. Conditioner is not really needed as you don’t need to put in any moisture cause the goal is knotting.

Therefore everything is almost possible to do with dreads just it is done a bit different. I do not consider these styles as a healthy thing to do to your hair, however many people will do it anyway so it is good to have some knowledge on them. The most damage will not be seen during the time you spend with the dreads but later on when one decides to remove the dreads. Other ways of removing the dreads are by cutting right a way or using a shaver.


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