Removing Dreadlocks In The Safest Way

Removing Dreadlocks In The Safest Way

Dreadlocks can be in one hair’s for a long period of time. The longer they are in the hair the longer they are difficult to remove them.

But is it true that when getting rid of the hair one can do this by shaving them all off?

No this is is not true at all. It is indeed the easiest way to do so. However if you want to save the length of the hair, there is another easy way to do so.

One can easily remove dreadlocks by detangling them with a brush. One can start from the bottom and clip the rest of the hair. Get some leave – in spray conditioner , spray on one dread at a time. And with a small comb start combing through and just by that you are removing all knots. Repeat again till you reach the top.

One can notice that from one dread lock, a handful of hair is going to fall out while combing. However there is no need to be alarmed. This is very normal for it to happen, reason being is that the hair in so many years change and we normally loose up to 70 to 100 hairs per day. And when the hair is in dreads , the hair is not being brushed , nevertheless with all the products used for the dreadlocks to stay, the hair keeps sticking. Nevertheless just for that when de-tangling the dreads one will see a lot of hair falling out. But do not worry, your hair is not falling out.

After Care

When all dread are combed through and you can feel your hair again after many years, make sure to give it a good wash and apply a good mask. So that one can repair a bit the damage that has been done to the hair through the years and even while brushing due to the many knots you will find. Most probably the hair has not been properly washed in many years so make sure the really cleanse it well. In fact one may prefer to use a detoxifying shampoo instead of a normal one. Mask can be left in the hair for as long as one wants to. Make sure to have and keep a healthy hair routine for your hair, now that is all de tangled and healthy, smooth looking.


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