Let us watch together some videos about people getting Split hair dye. Some will love it and some will regret it. But with all the regrets in the world come all the lessons in the world. So lets learn from other people’s mistakes and just be glad it wasn’t us.

First up we have Nicki

She started of by bleaching her whole hair which she had done the right way. She also had no other choice as she has to go very light to achieve the lime and cloudy blue colors. But luckily enough she did not have to bleach a lot as her hair was already pretty lightened. It just had a few pigments that she needed to get rid of to achieve the targeted look.

Split Hair Dyes Real Life Fails And Gains 2020

Purposely she did not put enough color for the hair to absorb so that the blonde will not cover 100% so that it will leave a lovely effect. To achieve such look dye the roots normally, however go over the mid lengths and ends horizontally with the brush and just be light with it. Stain it don’t color.

Next up we have Sophia Hannah

So she is using Blue Jade and Blue Velvet to her mixture. This will leave a great combination as she already has a minty color in her hair, however the roots are really yellow, and that has to go.

Split Hair Dyes Real Life Fails And Gains 2020

What happened here is that She ends up having green roots on both sides. Why did this happen ? She must be asking. Well as I explained before her roots are really yellow and they had to go. However if she is using blue.. blue and yellow make green. There you go. What she should have done was bleaching her roots to get rid of that yellow pigment and than tone it with a blue tone. Better Luck next time Sophia!

Lastly we have Victoria Loopz

She is using an awesome combination of purple and pink. We think they will look fabulous on her hair as she already has very light blonde. Yes Girl ! In fact it did, She just dyed it from ends to roots half and half and it turned out literally amazing for her. it even goes with her tone and she looks majestic. Big Well Done goes to you Victoria!

Split Hair Dyes Real Life Fails And Gains 2020

Yes we know, now you are absolutely craving for a split hair dye. We know the feeling. One may be in doubt of what color to get or what will suit him nevertheless, For more outstanding split hair dyes visit here.