Spooky Halloween Hairstyles For Your Next Party

Spooky Halloween Hairstyles For Your Next Party

Halloween is right round the corner and most if you already have their costumes bought and ready. Some of you can’t figure out what you will dress up as this year and some of you cant figure out how to do you hair and make up. Therefore we are here to help you get inspired with some Halloween hairstyles.

These upcoming Halloween hairstyles inspirations will be suitable for adults and some also for kids. Keep scrolling to test your luck and inspirations.

Behold The Colorful Head

In this picture we have an amazing creation. Hair and make up have to be exactly combined together with no mistakes. As you can see the green on her face continues with the green in her hair. It represents a long head.

The hair is done by extensions and something underneath that fullness for the hair to stand tall. A lot of strong hair spray is added followed with bobby pins and hair ties. As for the color one can use temporary hair dye unless they would like it permanent. Temporary hair dye can be in a form of a mousse, chalk or spray. In this case for the hair to stick as desired we recommend you to use either the spray or the chalk as for the mousse can be a bit to soft for this kind of achievement.

Itsy Bitsy Spider..

This hairstyle is great for kids and it is not that hard to do so. Simply do a donut bun starting by:

  • Secure a ponytail with an elastic
  • insert a donut sponge
  • spread the ponytail all over the bun and put a hair tie to secure it as it is spread.
  • Tie the extra hair around the bun and secure with bobby pins.

Once you are done with the donut bun you can get some accessories from the craft section at a stationery and start decorating spider legs. Get some googly eyes for the spider’s eyes and you will have the cutest spider for halloween. Some of your friends might have a fright for thinking that you woke up with a spider on your hair! AAH!

Classical Halloween

This look is extraordinary. It may look tough to create but it is so not. Happy halloween to you! Get an old hat that you don’t use anymore and decorate it with some spiders.you can cut the top area of the hat to fill the space with textures of your hair. Or you can leave the old hat as it is and design with some cobwebs. The ends of the hair must be in soft curls done with a brush and a blowers. If your hair wont hold you cant re do it with a curling straightener. Add some long lasting hair spray for extra hold.

Nevertheless for the face all you need is a classical black mask or whatever color you like and some nude shade of a lip gloss.

🎃 🎃

Another hairstyle perfect for kids. If the parent and child will allow it, get a hairdresser to do a small undercut (don’t worry it will grow back) with the design if a cobweb. Part the hair in the middle and section in two. Start braiding from below working your way to the crown area. When the top area is reached style in buns. How to style the buns:

  • Secure the braids with an elastic hair tie.
  • Secure the rest if the hair in a ponytail.
  • Style in buns.

As for the color get a temporary hair dye and dye in your desired color. In this case it is orange to represent the halloween pumpkins. Get some matching threads and make it go through one braid to another. And viola! You have you’re style done.


This one is the simplest of all. However very desirable. Your hair can be either straight, curly or in a ponytail. If you decide to do some sort of up style don’t style it in the bulkiest way. Make is simple soft and boring if possible. You can either buy a hair band as shown above from target or any other store. Or you can do it hour self. Simply get an old hair band and attach a big spider to it. Let it dry and wear it to impress. The attention must be taken by the bulky hair band. Very cute!

There you have it. Creative and daring hairstyles that will make you stand out for sure in your halloween parties. From here we wish you all a Happy And Spooky Halloween of all! 👻 👻


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