Start Washing Your Hair Properly | 2022

We are all being extra careful these days. The virus that’s going around is no joke. One needs to be very cautious and hygienic to avoid getting ill. Germs and Bacteria are found everywhere. Today we will be explaining how to wash your hair properly. The hair isn’t washed daily, as there is no need to and it is not healthy to do so. This doesn’t mean that the hair will not carry on bacteria. It does.

One needs to start by choosing the right shampoos for his or her hair type. This means if your scalp is oily you must use a mint shampoo. Dandruff/ Curly .. and so on. One must always take a good look at hair texture and type and consult with a hairstylist to find the best shampoos. Shampoos and conditioners are very effective on the scalp.

One needs to be extra careful about what they buy from the supermarket. Just because it’s cheap does not mean it is good. Nevertheless when a shampoo bottle read “good for all hair types” It almost never is. Therefore consult with your local hairstylist. For more information click on if you want to know the 50 best boys’ haircuts & hairstyles in 2022

Shampooing Hair

When it comes to washing hair one needs to start by wetting the hair all over. Then continue by giving it a good scrub with the right shampoo. We have to add that when washing the hair, shall never scrub with their fingernails. When scrubbing with your fingernails you will be scratching the scalp. Often people do this without realizing that they will be scratching the scalp tissue when using their fingernails. These will lead to dandruff. By having dandruff one will also have to change their shampoos. Carrying on, the amount of hair washes one shall have is one.

However, to be totally safe and clean we prefer to suggest two. However, this does not count for everyone. Let us explain. People with longer hair have a higher chance that after just one wash the hair will still be a bit greasy in some areas. If you ever noticed in fact when giving one shampoo the hair on long hair barely moves. To avoid this problem one can add some more water while with shampoo on, and continue scrubbing their scalp.

We like to suggest that people with extremely short hair (Commonly being the male gender) wash their hair with one shampoo. While people with longer hair; Long bobs and longer hair lengths (Commonly being the female gender) Wash their hair twice.

Conditioning Hair

The hair shall never be scrubbed together. When washing your hair the main focal attention shall go to the scalp. When scrubbing the hair together you will be creating friction, causing the hair to burn and frizz. Nevertheless be careful about this point, since most of us do it often without realizing it. When the shampoo step/s are done, move on to the conditioner.

After choosing the right conditioner apply a good amount to the palm of your hand. Before applying it to the hair make sure that the hair is squeezed from excessive water.

Apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Avoid putting pulps of conditioner directly with the scalp, this will only make it oilier if so. When one is finished applying conditioner to the ends, with what’s left on the palm (usually it will be colorless but oily) with your fingertips through the scalp to add moisture to the hair starting from the scalp as well. As long as you do not put pulps of conditioner and move it into the scalp you’re all good.

Now this information given counts to those who have long hair. For those of you with shorter hair, what you have to do is put a very small amount of conditioner.

Preferably on your index finger. Spread it in between both hands until both hands feel oily. With your fingertips go through your hair. Leave in the conditioner as long as the recommended time is found on the backside of the bottle.

Conditioner is preferred by many, however, we here suggest using a mask instead of conditioner. However, we do not recommend this to everyone. This is why you need to consult. Mask treatments are much more effective and stronger than conditioners.

We know that people with thin hair will be scared to use this cause it will flatten their hair. However, there are masks that are good for thin hair. For a close-up look at understanding, treatment Get To Know Different Treatment For Different Hair Types.

Mask treatment instructions are the same as conditioner instructions. So the same steps as explained above. The only difference you will find is the stay with the treatment. As the processing time of the treatment takes longer than the conditioner.

Both conditioners and hair masks have the limit. However the longer you stay with such products in your hair the more beneficial it is to you and your hair. Therefore whenever you can stay even a whole day or overnight. This will do you no damage but the contrary. Try to avoid washing your hair often. Two times a week is the normal amount of times one shall wash their hair.

Now for those who have oily scalp or any other scalp condition visit How To Treat Scalp Conditions. We know that sometimes the scalp starts to smell and some people can not go a day without washing their hair, however, this does not make it healthy. Visit Different Ways To Keep Your Scalp With A Fresh Smell for further information.

We will be writing the steps of how to wash your hair in order to make sure you have understood.

Short Hair (Commonly On Male)

  • Wet the hair
  • One shampoo
  • One Conditioner Or Mask
  • Stay the for the recommended amount of time
  • Rinse

Long Hair (Commonly On Female)

  • Wet the hair
  • Two shampoos
  • One conditioner Or shampoo
  • Stay the amount of time recommended
  • Rinse

We hope this was of help, Wishing you all the health in the world. Stay safe and stay strong during these tough times.

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