Step Closer To Softer And Healthier Looking Hair – 2019

Step Closer To Softer And Healthier Looking Hair – 2019

Don’t we all wish to have that perfect Fairytale healthy hair? Well your dreams are not very far. How often do you cut your hair? And when you do how much do you cut from it? By cutting 1cm so you just can say you take care of your hair is just a white lie. You can of course cut your hair 1cm if that’s the amount of damage you have or if you are going to do it often (per week) until there’s no more damage left to cut off. This will be a step closer to a softer and healthier looking hair.

How often do you treat you hair? It’s very important to treat you hair regularly and you don’t really need to buy expensive products. Although what you pay for is what you get, some expensive products aren’t expensive for nothing. But I get that not everyone can afford products. Nonetheless you can use some coconut oil and leave it during the night, it works brilliantly! Leaves the her silky and shiny. You can also try having egg whites as a treatment too. It gets the hair shiny as well. However if this isn’t pleasant for you there are product which aren’t that expensive that are possibly as good.

So take good care of you hair, After all its always best to at leas be a step closer to softer and healthier looking hair!


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