Styling A Rainbow Liberty Hawk In 2020

Styling A Rainbow Liberty Hawk In 2020

This is a fun look that one can easily create himself. Only of course if you are full of patience. It is a very fun look to work on although it takes a lot of time to do it. Also you might probably need the help of someone else.

Firstly we are going to start by explaining the difference between a Mohawk and a liberty Mohawk by showing you two similar but totally different pictures.


Styling A Rainbow Liberty Hawk In 2020

A Mohawk is where you style your hair with a very solid product like a strong gel or a very strong hair spray. The hair must be styled up but only The middle part of the hair. The rest of the hair must be either shaved, braided or gelled back hiding the ends in , somewhere. Basically the sides must not have the main attention or any attention at all.

Liberty Mohawk

Styling A Rainbow Liberty Hawk In 2020

This is what we will be discussing today. This is what the tutorial in the video is all about. It is similar to a Mohawk but it takes more work to it. You start by braiding the sides or shaving the sides as well. Anything you desire to do to the sides as long as they are hidden. As the Liberty Mohawk also takes place in the middle of the scalp, from side to side.

One starts by using a very strong hold hairspray (which is very handy as you need to hold the spike up) If you try doing it by gel, it might not be that handy for you and can get messy. However this is totally up to your preferences. So start by sectioning the Mohawk in ponytails. Start from front and hold the spike to be up high. Spray a lot of hairspray, in this case in the video she is using a glue hairspray. Which is an extremely tight hold. Exactly after spraying get yourself a hairdryer and dry out the spray.

Repeat the step for a few times until the ponytails are all turned into spikes.
One has to make sure that the tip of the spike is as possibly pointy. Also if you wan to go more on a wilder level you can choose to dye it with a temporary hair dye. And again best to work with on this hairstyle is always hairspray techniques. On the other hand if you were about to use temporary hair dye on the basic Mohawk you can go with the mousse technique hair dye. As the basic does not need to be as firm and on point as the liberty hawk.

Liberty Hawk After Care

The outcome shall look outstanding and very fun too be looked at. Style with some hot and heavy jewelry, lather jacket , and you you’ll be rockin’ your entire life!
Make sure to wash out with water first, using a good shampoo, moisturizing if possible. Give it at least up to three washes to be safe there will not be any product build up left. Leave in with a good moisturizing treatment for as long as possible afterwards.


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