Sun Caps For Ladies

Sun Caps For Ladies

We reached Autumn season, however in some countries is still being hot. So We thought we will do the last Summer post. This time we are going to be talking about the sun caps for ladies 🧢. We know that they have been very much in style and there are different ones. Through out the years most countries will still be seeing sun rays and a bit of sunshine. If you are one who lives in such countries you might want to continue reading.

Hawaiian Breeze

First up we have this beauty enjoying Hawaii. She is wearing a plastic sun hat which covers the face only. These kind of sun caps have Uv rays protection, just like sunglasses but for the face instead of eyes. Perfect for when you go swimming and planning to wet the hair.

Sport And Care

Here’s another thats made out of plastic and textiles. The part where is worn on the head is made out if textiles however the rest is made out of plastic which also has Uv ray protection. We find these kind of sun hats perfect for jogging and hiking as the sun hat is as if it’s made out half sweat band half sun hat.


Here we have one thats made all out of textiles. However it still doesn’t cover the whole head. Reason being is that this one might be easier to style your hair with, while the other one may give a bit of troubles till you get it just right.

Pretty In Black

Our personal favorites! Full coverage and black. These are all made out if textiles, therefore they intend to give full protection to the head and face when worn in the sun. They also tend to be very sporty and stylish.

Brandy and Trendy

Another similar sun hat but branded. People love to wear branded clothes and this one make the cutest sun hat. Such hats are perfect for when one goes hiking or jogging. The only downturn you’ll get is that you’re head might itch from all the sweat. Thats why there are different kinds of sun hats. However this one can still be worn for a hangout with your friends somewhere nice.

Which one is your most preferred sun cap for ladies? We know for sure that for us is hard to pick just one!


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