The Best Resources for Kids Hair Dye

Dying hair is more common than it ever was nowadays. I bet all your kids have asked one day to get their hair dyed. This article is both for you little boys and girls because I am going to show you different ways to dye your kid’s hair without damaging the hair.

The methods I am about to show you include no peroxide, no bleach, and no heat. It is very temporary and easy to wash out.


One can easily use chalk to do kids’ hair dye with no chemicals whatsoever. Just separate the hair in streaks and start coloring. However, one can also melt the chalk and mix it with some water and color his hair like so. Chalk will leave a bit of a sticky feeling. Chalk is not temporary at all in fact it will wash out with the first wash.

Colored – Hairspray

This is another cool idea one can use to have temporary hair dye in his hair. It will leave a gel–sticky feeling in the hair but if you comb it, will not be much of a bother. Get the section you would like to color and spray away.

Cool Aid

As this may be a bit more permanent it is still worth trying. Just get some water and mix the cool-aid in. Dip your hair to get a cool dip dye or otherwise just get a paintbrush or a hair dye brush and paint on. For cool-aid to stay longer one must use sulfate-free shampoo. This is not permanent but may take longer than the previous methods to be washed out.

Colored Gel Or Wax

Have you heard of the colored wax and gel yet? Well, look them up. They work brilliantly and leave an amazing job. It is like normal wax or gel but with color. U just spread some on your hair and voila! you’re looking young and bright.

Tea Bags

Weird huh? But it is true! You can use tea – bags to dye your hair. However, this works differently from others. You can not use it to dye your hair with such vibrant colors but it can be used to darken the hair, say from blonde to brown for example. This also may take a couple of washed before it completely fades away.

Baking Soda

Use baking soda and mix it with water. Heat it and start dying. This will create a lighter look.


Squeeze 10 lemons and dye your hair with them. Lemons have acid in theme therefore it will help your hair to lighten, you can also create a sun-kissed effect with this method.

Hair Clip Extensions

If none of these are to your comfort one can also use clip-on extensions. There are various colors from natural to vibrant. One can also find Synthetic hair and real hair Or both mixed together.

The outcome will be pretty cool and amazing with just a bit of creativity. There is no need to use any chemicals therefore there will be no harm or damage to the hair.

These two hair dyes were both made with hair chalk, and one can see the vibrant amazing outcome. Now, this may stain a bit so when wetting the hair to draw over, let it dry first before wearing any hats or resting your head somewhere.

If you find any difficulty with washing the hair use clarifying shampoo and then normal conditioner.

To be completely honest certain colors won’t be effective on dark hair, but most will. 50% of colors work on dark hair and the other 50 % won’t be as effective. As lighter hair will be easier to color on and get all the colors.

So go on, choose a method, and have a try. You will not be disappointed with the latest outcome. Enjoy!

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