The Best Way To Style And Cut Curtain Bangs

The Best Way To Style And Cut Curtain Bangs

Guessing from the title here, that you are looking for a hair change 😉 !
Not a bizarre change but a noticeable one. That what curtain bangs are all for.

What are curtain bangs ?

Well, curtain bangs are basically bangs on your forehead also known as fringe. However it is not done straight as we are commonly used to, it is done longer covering the eyes just a smidge and parted in the middle. Forming a curtain, and that is where it got the name of Curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs can be styled differently thanks to their length. Let’s say you want straight, flicked or wispy curtain bangs, all styles are easy to style and much more easy to handle than a normal straight bang, especially in this summer heat.

How To Cut Curtain Bangs At Home

Is it possible to cut curtain bangs at home ? Yes definitely and its not as hard as you may think. Here we have a tutorial by Brad Mondo showing you how to Ace Curtain bangs at home. The steps are pretty easy to follow simply:

Get a small cutting comb to section with and a cutting scissors first

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The Best Way To Style And Cut Curtain Bangs The Best Way To Style And Cut Curtain Bangs

  • Wet or wash your hair
  • Get a front section starting from the front of your left ear to the front of your right ear
  • Part your hair in the middle
  • Cut a straight line for length
  • Get one section and take it to the other side. It has to be parallel to the side parting with the scalp. aaand cut in a parallel line
  • Do the same to the other side

How To Style Curtain bangs

You can either do it by a hairdryer or by a curling iron, up to your comfort. However it is most important to do it on 80% dry hair if with a blower and on 100% dry hair if with a curling iron.

Our tips to you are to always style the hair outwards to have that flow-y look. Therefore ;
The correct way to style curtain bangs.
  • Hold the brush vertically straight
  • Curl your hair with it
  • Twist and blow holding the blower in front
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The wrong way to style curtain bangs.

Never on the other hand hold the brush horizontally straight and blow from the top, as this will create a different look. Curtain bangs are mostly known to be styled and more stylish if styled with a bit of curl also known as movement.

When it comes to curling your bangs with a curling iron the same knowledge and method occurs. Always curl the curl to the outside. This depends on the way you are holding your curler.

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The right way to hold a curling iron when curling bangs.

Aaand YES Of course there is a way you can do this HeAt FrEe ♥!

Being completely honest with you here , this is best done on damp hair. Moreover either do it right away when you’ve just washed your hair or spray damp your hair with lots of leave in conditioner. Which ever way you are going with it is always best to spray some leave in conditioner to you hair even when you are not applying any heat to your hair. however , funnily enough you will probably need it more to help you with moisture and frizz yet it will not flat out your hair. For this we are linking to you our favorite leave in hair conditioner for this method. We find it best for the summer days because it has 12 effects, which is incredible.

  • After the Leave in conditioner is applied
  • Comb it through evenly,
  • Get a roller
  • And twist your bangs around it upwards. (the correct way)
  • Pin the roller with hair pins when there is no more hair left to roll with for security.

Nevertheless you should be looking in some way by now >

The Best Way To Style And Cut Curtain Bangs

Leave it up to dry for about 30 minutes or an hour if you want to be extra safe. Unpin the clips and remove the roller/s when done. It is up to you if you want to use one or two rollers, whatever works for you best. Both will have good results as long as they are done upwards. Finish the look with some flexible hairspray for a bit of hold and your good to flaunt your bangs. 💁

Tips 💡:

No matter what type of method you are using to style your curtain bangs make sure to always top that finish with some flexible hairspray.
We recommend flexible hairspray for that flexible none stiff look. As curtain bangs are meant to flow and look natural not solid as a rock.