The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

Ekaterina karaglanova may also be known as, Yekaterina Semochinka was a Russian Instagram influencer. She was 24 years of age. She used to post things on her Instagram account about the places she travels, beauty, fashion and she also modeled on her own account.

This woman was found dead in her apartment in Moscow. The police found her dead in her own apartment with her throat slit. The news say that there were no sign of any weapons or evidence of struggle. Therefore whoever killed her really took her by surprise and just left her dead in a suitcase at the apartment.

Ekaterina Recent Life..

Ekaterina was just out of a relationship with a 32 year old man with the nickname of “The wolf” , however she was already seeing someone, aged 52. The police have a man under there protection in suspect of her murder, however the name is kept unsaid.

Ekaterina was having her birthday on the 30th of July and was planning a trip to the Netherlands with her new boyfriend, it was then when suspects that something had happened to her started to occur. When her parents where calling her apartment and failed to reach her in any way.

Ekaterina had recently made these accomplishments :
  • Graduated as a doctor
  • Held a residency at a medical school in Moscow and practiced specializing dermatology.
  • She had a travel blog on which she has many subscribers.
  • Ekaterina has been a beauty Pageant contestant.
  • She had 86,000 followers on her Instagram – Katti_loves_life / #kati_travels

In that matter lets take a look on the places she has been in Europe, Cause we have got to say but this girl traveled in style.

The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

When Katti visited Vienna, Austria. She took a picture with a cute building that was decorated with a cute Christmassy bow. Perhaps it was Christmas season because it seems cold as well according to what she is wearing. A cute furry jacket and scarf and a lovely stylish headband featuring a simple black bag. Looks cozy.

The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

Beautiful Paris, Who doesn’t wanna go? This woman wore a cozy long cardigan on jeans and sneakers, a cute light headband and sunglasses. Guessing the weather was a bit windy, but the skies looked clear and blue. A lovely outfit to take a picture with the incredible Eiffel tower.

The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

This is when Ekaterina went to Barcelona, Spain. She was staying in a hotel with the view of the Sagra De Famiglia. Beautiful ain’t it? She wore a light weight white dress and a simple classic hat including sunglasses. We bet it was really hot , at least the sky has no cloudy, it shows clear blue hot weather.

The Life And Death Of Ekaterina Karaglanova

Greece is the last place she visited. However this was taken from her hotel. This view is just from the hotel she was staying in. We are amazed. Her outfit looks so simple and cliche. A silk dress on heels. Looked like she was having a relaxed evening with some champagne.

Her holidays only lasted from 3 to 5 days, which is very weird since she travels far from Russia to Europe. However we must say she was a busy soul. Unfortunately she never made it to the Netherlands, the trip she was planning for her birthday, She made it to a place full of peace and serenity instead. It is a very sad and horrific news, she was a very talented beautiful woman that could have done so much with her life but didn’t get enough chance to. From here we wish her all the rest in peace she deserves.


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