Get To Know Different Treatments For Different Hair Types

Get To Know Different Treatments For Different Hair Types

There are various kind of treatments in the world. Not all are good for one’s hair thus to different hair types.
Lets take a look on the different treatments:

Moisture: Most stylist suggest to use on dry hair. The main ingredient will be hyaluronic acid.Therefore this will prevent from having a dry scalp. If one uses this treatment it will prevent the hair from getting all dried out at the ends therefore there will not be causes of any breakage. This is of course if you take care of your hair.

Volume: we suggest to use on light-thin hair. This mask is suppose to have the ingredient of collagen in it. Long story short, your body needs keratin to build in protein to make up hair. However collagen is rich in amino acid that your body needs to build this keratin.

Repair: people use this type of treatment on damaged hair. The main ingredient which helps the mask to repair your hair is peptide. Therefore this ingredient will help to penetrate the scalp and enhance circulation to help getting healthier hair follicles.

Anti-Frizz: We suggest use this treatment on thick frizzy hair. This is because of the keratin ingredient. As I mentioned earlier we need keratin to build in protein for our hair. Now this ingredient is originated from the keratin in trees. This is to help smooth the cuticles and tames the frizz away.

Colour safe: Most people use this treatment on coloured hair. This will have a PH of 4.5. This means that the PH is acidic not alkaline. Therefore this means that the acid isn’t porous and it helps the cuticle to seal. Therefore this will help the colour to stay longer.

Every treatment works different on every hair type. I shall mention as well, that when the hair gets used to a certain brand, it automatically stops showing good effects, Therefore it’s a good thing to change your shampoo and conditioners every once in a blue moon, There are various kind of treatments, shampoos and conditioners to choose from.


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