Today will be discussing how to remove dye stains from the skin and clothes. However  we will go over on how to prevent staining yourself with hair dye first.


One can prevent from staining with hair dye by using a hair gown to protect the clothing, using Vaseline with the forehead and using gloves to protect the skin.
So let get into more tricks to manage remove staining.


Colour remover wipes, this wipes will have alcohol and soap in them and alcohol helps to remove the color, however in some cases like red or black colours, will be impossible to remove them 100%


This will be helpful by using a cloth with alcohol moving in circular motion. This will be a bit more effective since it will have no additive soap in it . However one has to be gentle and rub it gently as it may turn red by time.


Toothpaste can be used on something with hard fabric such as a dish sponge, or a toothbrush. On dry skin.  Move in a circular motion to remove the stain. This is quite abrasive and basically we would suggest that this will be the last method to use.  One must inform you  to go gentle, as the skin will turn red the harder you go.

Waterproof make up remover

This may not be the very effective product, however since it was made for the face and if you have light stains it will help. Even if you have dark stains it will help you lighten them a bit, however you will need something stronger to use afterwards to remove the stain completely.

Laundry Detergent

Now this is quiet effective.  Best to use the white laundry detergent. (The one used for whites)  Now this shall be mixed with a bit of baby oil or olive oil on a damp cloth. Now as said before this is found to be very effective, however it may not be suitable for anyone. It may be a problem  for people with sensitive skin.  This technique is approved by Kim Kardashian and by Kylie Jenner’s stylist. It also is said that it is an old wives tale in salons.

Now for clothing one can use these methods:


This is a very effective product to use on dry clothes. It is best to spray some sgrasatore , exactly when you have stained the clothes.

Laundry detergent

Mix some white powder laundry detergent with some water. And with a toothbrush scrub roughly on the stain. This shall remove the stain with no problem.

Otherwise you can leave the clothing in a laundry detergent mixed with water and leave it over night or for a few hours.

These are some tricks and tips on how to remove dye stains from clothes and from the skin with different products. Try to be gentle on the skin always with whatever you use. And for the clothes try to use direct products on the fabric without washing them first. Good luck !