What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?

There are various colors of what one can dye his hair like. However on whether how one will decide depends on the person’s style, likings and skin tone.

Let’s Talk Brunette :

Brunette hair may suit anyone in a certain way..
Let us explain. People with dark skin tone will look fascinating in brown or black hair. However people with very light skin tone will be difficult to look as good in black or dark brown hair if they will not wear make up. Therefore if you are a person with natural likings in other words you are not the type to to wear make up on daily basis it would be best to dye your hair on a more natural colors such as lighter colors of brown. –
Medium brown, light brown or dark blonde. Chocolate shades of brown will also look great on such type of people.

What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?
Brunette hair

Blonde :

In the year of approximate 2016, people with dark skin tone started to dye their hair blonde. mostly you see celebrities doing such thing due to the heavy make up they wear.
Therefore the make up rule counts on here too. However people with dark skin who dyes their hair blonde will look much better if dark roots are applied.
Once again if one has a light skin tone will look much better and natural if they had blonde hair. Now blonde is done in various ways, there is cherry blonde which has a tinge of pionk in it the silver blonde which has a tinge of silver, sandy blonde – is a more warm kind of blonde, ash blonde which has a neutral yellow kind of blonde and lastly the dirty kind of blonde which is more on the white color.

What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?
Blonde hair

Vibrant hair dyes :

People who has a wild kind of style. and this kind of information can go both to natural brunettes and also to natural blondes. Why you may ask..
If you are a natural brunette and would not like to damage your hair you can easily dye your hair on the red shade if you like that tinge of wild style.
People who are naturally blonde can easily tone their hair as the desired hair color they like such as grey, pink , blue and so on. This also depends on how light the shade of blonde is.

What Color Should You Dye Your Hair?
Vibrant hair

This can also work the other way round however it may consist a bit of damage to the hair. Meaning .. When one is naturally brunette and wants to go Blue one has to bleach the hair to lighten and tone. If one is Blonde (Shade 8 – light blonde) May also want to bleach id they want to reach the a Silver tone for example. However those who from blonde want to go red or blue wouldn’t be that hair and damaging but it would be damaging if they would want to return to their natural color.

Nevertheless before changing a hair color or dying hair for the first time make sure to know what you are doing and make sure to think it twice before you do it once.


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