What Everyone Is Saying About Cameron Boyce

What Everyone Is Saying About Cameron Boyce

We all heard about the sudden passing of the absolute great Cameron Boyce that had happened on the 6th of July this year, 2019.
I don’t know where I am suppose to start but I feel that bringing back some memories of his will help the world move on. It is not easy not at all. Especially for all those kids who grew up watching him on the popular American channel – ‘Disney Channel’

Cameron Boyce had just turned 20 years old and he had died of a seizure within his sleep.

What scares me the most about this tragic story is that most of us are nearly his age or close to his age. This guy had hope to wake up the next morning. He was planning on having a full filled day or just was planning on resting and having a lazy day, when without him knowing he ended up resting for the rest of eternity.

Cameron Boyce was an absolute great actor.

And i am not just saying this because of his sudden passing, and you’re suppose to say nice things.No. He honestly was! He has worked on so many series’s and always gave it his all best when it came to playing a new character on television, and sometimes you couldn’t even tell it was him. he was that incredibly good.

Therefore let’s get in to some memories and see what other celebrities had to say about him.

Who remembers the popular TV series ‘Jessie’?

‘Jessie’ had aired in the year of 2011. Cameron was 12 years old back than. Nevertheless he had played the character of Luke Ross. Thea kid that got adopted from a rich family.
This is what Debby Ryan, whom has played the character of Jessie the babysitter, had to share as memories .

Random moments that forever will be cherished by Debby. This is what she had to say about Cameron. We can’t fully understand what she feels as she was so close to him on the Jessie family but we can imagine. Although some of us were huge fans of Cameron that it hurts. We don’t get to see our fans most of the times, they don’t know us, but through social media we know them and we end up loving them too.

Carrying on with the Jessie family here is what Peyton List .

The girl that played Emma Ross. Also known as Luke’s elder adopted sister on ‘Jessie’. Peyton had also shared a few episodes on Bunk’d with Cameron. Still as Emma and Luke, Emma and her three other siblings went to summer camp while Luke went to summer school. Lets see what she had to say about Cameron.

Moving on to Skai Jackson the girl who played Zuri Ross.

The youngest adopted sibling in the TV show ‘Jessie’. Who also shared a few episodes on another TV show called ‘Bunk’d with Cameron, as Zuri and Luke. Bunk’d was aired on the year of 2015. Cameron here was 16 years old and Skai was 13. Let us see what she had to say ..

These are some of the memories Skai Jackson had to share with Cameron. I find to be very beautiful. Butt that is not all, see what she had to say.

Moving on to one special guy that had a lot to share with Cameron.

This is no one except for Karan Brar. Karan had payed the character of Ravi Ross on the TV show ‘Jessie’ as Luke’s adopted brother and had also shared a few episodes with him on another TV show, ‘Bunk’d’. Karan Brar was also Cameron’s room mate who apparently had found him dead in their own apartment. He was a very close friend of Cameron as they have known and worked together from a young age. This is what Karan had to say about Cameron’s sudden passing…

Do you remember Maia Mitchell on ‘Jessie’ ?

Maia had this adorable picture to share with us. When she played the character of Shaylee. An Australian actress that Jessie was taking part in her movie as her stun double. While Luke was Shaylee’s biggest fan and also had a massive crush on Shaylee.

What about Miranda May?

She is the girl who played Lou Hockhauser on the TV series Bunk’d. Lou shared a cabin on the camp site with Emma and Zuri.She also got to meet their brother Luke on camp Kikiwaka. Here is what she had to say…

Cameron Boyce also took part on the trending movie at the moment Descendants, that got aired in the year of 2015. Cameron was 16 years old here as well.

Therefore this year we were waiting in the third Descendants to come out. I’m not sure if most of us are still looking forward on it, I am not sure. I don’t think anyone will watch it as the same as before to be honest .

Cameron takes part as Cruella Di vill’s son, Carlos and together with Evie (Sofia Carson), Mal(Dove Cameron) and Jay (Booboo Stewart) They take over the good side island to work their differences out.

This is what Sofia Carson had to say about our dearest Cameron Boyce

Moving on to another special person that Cameron had in his life – Dove Cameron.

The girl who plays as the daughter of Maleficent, Mal in ‘Descendants’. Her words were so moving and you can actually feel half the pain she is going through right now. They were the best-est of friends. In a video that she posted online she also says that she is taking therapy to help her self through this nightmare she is going through.


Here she shares everything about her memories with Cameron, what he meant to her and she also gives her sincere condolences to his family that are going through a horror of a lot right now.

Dove Cameron also shares an episode with Cameron Boyce on the TV series ‘Liv and Maddie’ Where Dove plays both Live and Maddie. However in this particular episode Cameron played the character of both Live’s and Maddie’s cousin Craig. He had appeared to take Maddie to the school prom. However the below picture was more likely taking behind the scenes. However Dove will always have her last name to cherish now more than ever.

There is also Chine Anne Mc Clain that is going to take part in Descednats 3. Which also had a lot to say here :


And just to top this article off I will be sharing with you some pictures that all of us has memories off from movies and TV shows.

From here I have nothing else to share or say except for his family. To his parents and his sister I give you our deepest condolences, It is not easy and nothing anybody will say or do will make it easy. The grief will pass by time until it turns into small aches of pain that you learn how to get used to it. Just know that you were gifted with an angel living on earth and now you have an angel looking above you , Forever.

Thank you Cameron Boyce for the many fun memories, laughs, and entertainments and talent you had to offer for us,

Sincerely your fans.


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