What Is a Blowout Treatment and What Are Its Benefits? | 2022

A blowout treatment is a type of hair styling where the hairdresser blows out your hair with a round brush to make it shiny and smooth. Blowouts also work to eliminate frizz and flyaways, which happens as we age. In this article, you will learn about how to stop your hair from becoming damaged over time, the different types of blowout treatments offered in salons, and more!

What is a blowout treatment?

A blowout treatment is a professional hair styling service that involves cleansing, conditioning, and then blow drying the hair to give it a smooth, sleek look. The stylist will use a round brush to curl or wave the hair as they dry it, and may also use products to help style the hair. Blowout treatments can last anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on the type of shampoo and conditioner used, and how often the hair is washed.

The benefits of a blowout treatment

Long lasting structure and thickness

Drastically improve the appearance of your hair using this enriching treatment. The formula soaks deep into strands to create and strong barrier that eases out frizz and tames hair. With a blowout, hair looks rich and voluminous for about 3-5 days and only requires a little dry shampoo to maintain its beauty.

Bright and smooth results

Blowout conditioner works to moisturize and brighten your hair. After treatment, your hair will have a luxurious shine that is hard to find in any other way.

Styling without loss

This is a hair myth that blowout damages your hair. It’s the opposite. This treatment protects the hair from damage and soothes it, and since this style lasts longer than other treatments, you do not need any harmful tools.

Where to get a blowout treatment

If you’re looking for a blowout treatment, there are several options available to you. You can go to a salon, or spa, or even have one done at home.

At a salon, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $100 for a blowout treatment. The price will depend on the length and thickness of your hair, as well as the experience of the stylist.

A spa is another option for getting a blowout treatment. Spas typically offer a variety of treatments, so be sure to ask about their blowout options before booking an appointment. Prices for blowout treatments at a spa can range from $50 to $150.

You can also get a blowout treatment done at home. There are several DIY kits available online or at your local beauty store. These kits typically come with everything you need to give yourself a professional-quality blowout at home. Prices for these kits start at around $30.

How to prepare your hair for a blowout

The journey to a beautiful new hairstyle often begins with the first step at our salon – washing your hair. That’s why we use specific shampoos and conditioners before rinsing it out with warm water, towel-drying, and then conditioning your hair to ensure it is smooth and tangle-free. Once these steps are complete, we’re ready to start styling! Our stylist will use a range of professional brushes and a variety of handy dandy tools to give you long-lasting volume or sleek locks, whichever you desire!

How long does a blowout treatment last?

Just like strawberries are one of the best fruits when it comes down to taste, a Brazilian blowout is one of the most popular hair treatments in the world due to its undeniable results. The good news is that, unlike other semi-permanent treatments, a Brazilian Blowout will last between three to five months depending on your hair and how you take care of it. What people might not realize is that each treatment adds to the results of previous ones meaning, you get better and better looking as time goes on! You’re sure to be pleased every single time with these much-loved Brazilian Blowouts!

Cost of treatments

According to Queenstostyle, the Brazilian blowout price ranges from $200 to $500. The exact price of the treatment will depend on several factors.

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