What To Expect When Bleaching Dyed Hair At Home

What To Expect When Bleaching Dyed Hair At Home

When anyone hears the word bleach their brain automatically says “NO, DANGER.” Which is understandable why one may think that way. Nevertheless in today’s video we will be explaining what one did wrong while processing bleached hair at home.

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As she said in the video she was scared about the process and she also explained why. The process from black to blonde can be a bit cruel. To make things worse she also had red in her hair in previous time.

The #Numberone mistake that made us cringe was when her sister was dying her hair. Her sister was dying from roots to ends and it is common that people do this mistake when dying their hair at home. Basically we will start by explaining that bleach is not color. It is okay that when coloring the hair you start from roots to ends but with bleach it works differently.

What Is The Purpose Of Bleech?

You can most likely think of bleach as color stripper as they are most likely the same. The reason being of why one can not put bleach directly roots first is because our scalp produces heat a lot of heat which makes the processing time quicker, while the ends of the hair are not attached to the scalp therefore the mid lengths and ends will take longer to proceed. So more or less when starting to bleach roots to ends the roots will end up to be very light, another reason for this is dye to the root of the hair being virgin when the rest is not.

In this video the girl ended up with pink hair and she explained why. Yes it is true red hair is the most difficult color to keep and yet to get rid of. It fades quickly as it is not a natural color and it also stains the hair. When going red make sure to be committed a 100 percent.

She decides to leave it as it is and leave it up to her mum. The decision that she made about not touching her hair for a while was good so that it will minimize the damage. However her mum still bleached the ends where she had the pink for another while. At this point one has to stay with the hair from moment to moment. When the red tamed down and there was no yellow or orange. The girl’s mum trimmed her hair as it was already a bit dry in the beginning of the video and it didn’t get any better with the bleach.

She said herself that she will be using a toner that she could have used in the video. But didn’t as her didn’t turn orange or yellow. However we are 100 percent positive that it will change colors as that was bleach do. So she will be using the toner when that happens.

What One Shall Know …

As for this video was not a complete mess. Nevertheless, this girl is lucky enough that had found her mum in such a crisis and we can all learn from this video. When trying to bleach our hair at home.


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