Today we will be watching videos of girls who knows how to live in the moment and regret it afterwards. These girls have been growing out their hair for years and ages. However they decided that it is time for a change. They decided it is hair-cutting time

First Up We Have Sarah’s Haircutting..

Sarah’s hair is pretty healthy, it looks nice, flows and has the length of Rapunzel. That must have taken a lot of years to grow. However she decides to cut it and well cut it she shall. By cutting it she will have a healthier look. How come ? one may ask. Well one needs to keep in mind that the length she has have been through a lot such as heat and wind and friction.. Our hair pass through this daily. Therefore it will damage, And if one does not cut it often it will damage a lot.

When Haircutting Extremely Long Hair - 2020

I do think that a long bob would have suit her better to be honest. However This length is much better than she had before. She is petite so her face is now shown. Her features are not hidden. We are definitely a fan of the new change Sarah.

Second Up We Have Victoria’s Haircutting

Victoria says she has nice thick hair. Which she does, She is also very pretty , love her eyes and her complexion. She is very pretty, and we personally love this length on her. As her hair is thick and has lots of volume.

When Haircutting Extremely Long Hair - 2020

One of the mistakes she did while cutting her hair was that she sectioned in two sections. This is a very common mistake. Victoria was going to sectioning four sections which would have helped her better due to her hair being so thick. Also one can hear her to comment that her hair from the back took the shape of a V. Which is also very common. How so ?
Easy, when sectioning in half and cutting from the front ( with pigtails) You are pushing all your hair forward, leaving a V shape in the middle.
This length suited Victoria quite a lot, however it would be better with some more layers to even out the volume and give it a bit more texture.

..And Lastly We Have Sophia’s Haircutting

Sophia decided this in an unusual time.. She decided it was a good idea to cute her hair at two in the morning. To be honest we are happy with Sophia keeping this length. To think you may say she can’t look better than this. Well you just hold on tight.

When Haircutting Extremely Long Hair - 2020

Because Sophia surprised us all. We would not have been the ones to tell her to cut it. Cause honestly she looked Real Good with long hair. Nevertheless it’s the only haircut in these three videos that we wouldn’t change or add something extra to define to it. I mean yes she shall still go to a hairdresser and get it fixed and get all the layers even. However the length is fine the style is great too. But than again, anything will look good with those angel eyes.

We recommend you to always visit a hairdresser when you’re thinking of hair-cutting your hair. Reasons:

  • Discussing Best Hairstyle For You
  • Cutting It In One Go Without Fixing
  • Haircuts Will Be Done At A Time Where The Brain Is Functioning