Hair Dye And Where It All Began

Hair dye is a wonderful creation for us ladies. By a simple mixture, one can easily transform into a different person. It helps us change our looks, helps us to be creative with our hair, express ourselves, and be adventurous.

Eugene Schueller a French pharmacist and entrepreneur are a founder of a certain brand known for creating a synthetic hair dye in the year 1907. He was born on the 20th of March 1881 and passed away on August 23rd, 1957. Originally from Paris, France, and lived his whole life in his Motherland. In the year of 1947, a German cosmetic brand created the first take-home hair dye “Poly color”.

As years passed by, coloring hair became a multi-billion business. Everyone dyes his hair nowadays not only to cover up whites and grey but also to create a new look and an outside of the box look. Dye is a mix of peroxide and has chemicals that are a small percentage of damage in our hair. This is why I highly recommend using organic dye. Organic dye doesn’t have ammonia. Ammonia is the chemical in dyes that can create damage and can also be the reason for cancer illness. Ammonia can also be present in shampoos and conditioners or treatments.

Although I thank the guy who invented dye without his creation, hairdressers wouldn’t have had such an exciting job as they do. But unfortunately, as our knowledge grows it can also be ignored and keep harming us, humans. So I suggest that you take care of your health and try to avoid ammonia-free dyes, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments.

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