Why Kanekalons Are The Key To Happiness

Why Kanekalons Are The Key To Happiness

Have you seen these colorful braids (kanekalon hair)? These are a simple dutch or french braids but made with colorful extensions. By colorful I mean all the colors you can imagine in the world. Therefore these colors can be also mixed and form kind of a dip dye effect on the braid.

However these braids have another word for them which is kanekalon hair.
These were originally styled by African Americans with cornrow until cornrows had a colorful twist and they started to style theme with colorful extensions. This year an other idea occur, people are styling with dutch and french braids with these extensions.

  • You start by attaching the extension at the top of where you are going to braid. (with an elastic or a knot)
  • Start braiding.
  • When you have none of your hair left to braid keep on braiding with just the extensions.
  • Secure with and elastic.

These type of braids are very common in Russia, as they love to braid. In fact that is where the word kanekalon hair is coming from. So lets get into the best 16 creative braids.

Pastel Blue

This festival look is just great, with the glitter on the face and the color on the hair. Nevertheless the color she chose matches a lot with the morning festival she is in. And also for any fun occasion that takes time in the day light.

Pink Pastel

The classical

Colors Makes Us Smile

These two besties wet to get their kanekalon together. The girl on the right done hers as pastel pink while the other did hers with a dip dye using the colors of purple and pink. Don’t they look pretty?

Neon Colors

My personal favorite. The neon green goes a lot with the neon yellow. Also as you can see she started with black at the very top. And every color matches and goes great with both her complexion and her natural light brown color.

The Nemo Look

This is too cute. The side braids popped out due to the main bulkiness of the braid. It’s very creative and the colors of white and orange reminds us way about Nemo the lost fish.

Blue And Purple
Blue Braids

Of course there is no need to always style with two colors. You can choose your favorite and use it by it self. Still looks fabulous and stylish.

Grey Braids
Pink And Blue
Pink And Puffy
Sky Blue Braid
Russian Beauty Braids

This is styled with cultural Russian braiding . It is simply Gorgeous! And the multiple of braids and puffiness and colors leave an outrageous amount of beauty.

Solo Pinks And Blues

As one can see these can also be done on kids. Therefore they are no where near damaging the hair. They are simple extensions attached with an elastic band or a knot. No glue, no beads and no heat.

Barbie Doll
Teen Barbie Doll
Black And Grey

Since grey is very trendy and in style you can choose your extensions to match the on going trend.

So there you have various, different, creative ways one can style with these beautiful extensions. And the beautiful thing about them is any one can do them AND they are not permanent. So if you do them and hate them (which I’m sure you wont’t ) you can remove them easily with no hassle at all.


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