You Haven’t Seen These Pastel Hair Colors Ideas On Buzzfeed

You Haven’t Seen These Pastel Hair Colors Ideas On Buzzfeed

There are so many fun ways one can dye their hair. Some dye their hair to cover up whites and greys but some dye it because it is fun to do so. It gives you a whole new look and makes you feel like a whole different person. And it is fun to experiment and take risks with your hair colors, agree? There are different shades of colors to use, vibrant colors and pastel hair colors too.

Today fun dye ideas are extremely Epic! So if you are one of those people who ike to experiment on a whole new level keep scrolling.

Double Rainbow

This hairstyle is done with bleach. The main color is purple, however as one can see the purple fades along the way. At the top its a very dark shade of purple and it lighten shades all the way to the bottom. In the middle you will find a rainbow with the colors of orange, yellow, lime and cyan. At the very end of the hair you will find another rainbow with the colors of pink, coral and yellow. I find this hairstyle to be a winter hairstyle due to its warmth. Rather than that its easier to handle it in winter because in winter the hair is washed less (normally). so the colors will not fade as quick.

Light Strokes

The hairstyle we have here also include bleach, because one needs to lighten a lot to get these colors since they are pastel colors. So the main color here is also purple,but a pastel shade of purple that it gets lighten more all the way to the bottom. As one can see this hairstyle has random strokes of pastel blue , pastel – neon yellow, and pastel pink. Therefore this creates a mermaid kind of look, which looks stunning.

Holographic Look

This holographic look is also done by bleach. The main color here also seems to be a pastel purple. And the rest of the colors are also pastels. The roots are a darker shade of the pastel purple and the rest of the hair is a lighter shade of the pastel purple. This hairstyle is done by wide sections, half head high lights. However the colors used on the wide lights are pastel – neon green, pastel – neon yellow, pastel pink and pastel blue. In between every rainbow high light, there are thin sections of lilac highlights , that make the holographic look stand out. Definitely a look to try.

Twisted Ombre’

Something for those ladies who doesn’t like the sound of bleaching the whole hair. And something for our brunette friends. The hair does not need to be bleached to the lightest shades for this colors. The ombre’ is done diagonal and the colors that are used are all on the purple shades. Midnight purple and violet purple. It is a simple ombre’ with a twist. It begins with strokes of the darker shade and ends with a’ lighter shade.

Mermaid hair

This hair is completely bleached to the lightest shade possible. The colors used are pastel colors and we are seeing the colors of pastel purple, pastel blue and pastel pink. This hair style is done by full head highlights and every highlight is carrying the color of purple, blue and pink each. It also has a very few highlights of a more darker shade of purple.

Sun Ray Look

This look is a very cute style. It also consist of bleaching but it does not take a lot of color work. So the main color is a coral pink. And all you have to do for this look is get strokes of hair and just add three different colors, in this case are yellow, green, blue, purple. Don’t color the full stroke of hair though, just a piece of it so that it will create patches like is seen in the picture above. Another tip I want to add is : Always lower the amounts of patches. If you have done four at the top, do three at the next line. (This tip does not count for the root areas.)

Rainbow After Darkness

This is also another hairstyle that is suitable for our friends who do not like to cover their whole hair with bleach. Therefore, half of the hair is needed to be bleached for this one. All is done is strokes of different colors. Nevertheless the colors used here are pink,purple,blue,green, yellow and orange. The colors are all vibrant colors so the hair does not need to be bleached to the lightest shade but it has to be light enough. If you have done all the colors but still has sections to fill, start repeating the routine of the colors starting from the first color you have started with.

Colorful Balayage

This style is done with pastel colors, therefore the hair need to be bleached at the lightest shade possible. The colors used here are pastel purple and cyan. Start by dying half the hair purple, changing the color to cyan and ending with dying the tips purple again. Make sure to stroke with the color brush when changing colors.This style also leaves a mermaid look, it is a worth to try.

Dark Colors

Dark colors can also create a fun look. And this also friendly to our brunette friends. As you don’t need to bleach much and there will be no risk or hair breakage unless your air is fragile and thin. This hairstyle is done in a form of a balayage but with a twist. Every color is blended vertically. Starting with dying the roots a very dark blue, blending your way through the color of turquoise, continuing with shorter length of the color grey, another short length of the color yellow, red and ending with the color black. Dark , vibrant but very edgy look.

Holographic Highlights

As these are done by a full head highlights the base color underneath is preferred to be a light color as well, otherwise there will not be holographic look at all. As the colors shown are all pastel colors the base shall be pastel as well. Therefore something like pastel pink, white or very light grey. Nevertheless the hair need to be very much bleaches , lightest shade possible to achieve the desired look. The colors used are yellow, purple green and pink. The base color here is light blonde. However the highlights are taken diagonal to create a movement holographic look. How awesome is this?

Epic right? I would love to try a hairstyle myself, how about you? I beet it was difficult to choose a favorite. Best part is that we got to see both warm and cool summer and both for Summer and Winter.


Hello! I am a hair stylist. I love my job but I also love to blog. So on my website I will be giving you a few hair tip that you should consider to follow and also some fun DIYS.